The original makes the difference

WAKÜ telescopic ladders are manufactured from high-quality materials with convincing attention to detail and are extremely easy to handle. Their tapering design ensures maximum stability in any application.

aluminium telescopic ladder

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/1.gif Maintenance-free WAKÜ quality: rugged stainless steel pins reliably and visibly lock the sturdy, corrosion-proof aluminium hinges.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/2.gif 8 special rivets through the stringers ensures an extremely rigid joint with the hinge.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/3.gif Solid, ergonomically shaped aluminium height adjusters guarantee easy and absolutely safe locking of the required
ladder height.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/4.gif Four-folded rung ends remain positively joined to stringers even in heavyduty use.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/5.gif Maximum non-slip effect while also protecting the flooring: large corrugated hard rubber foot pads are riveted to the ladder stringers.

Universal - the WAKÜ telescopic ladder

Everything points to WAKÜ
Enjoy the benefits of the ultra-versatile WAKÜ telescopic ladder:

  • Double ladder: height-adjustable, rung by rung
  • Single extending ladder: extends to almost four times its transport length
  • Step ladder: with adjustable offset to cope with height differences in stairwells and on gradients
  • Space-saving design for transport and storage
WAKÜ telescopic ladders: Art.-Nr. 100 Art.-Nr. 101 Art.-Nr. 102 Art.-Nr. 103
Transport length:
(storage size)
1,02 m 1,29 m 1,57 m 1,85 m
Weight 10 kg 13 kg 16 kg 20 kg
Doubble ladder:
height adjustable,
from the top rung level:
3-5 rung
1,34 m
4-7 rung
1,86 m
5-9 rung
2,40 m
6-11 rung
2,92 m
Single extending ladder:
height-adjustable, from
maximum ladder length
6-10 rung
3,10 m
8-14 rung
4,20 m
10-18 rung
5,30 m
12-22 rung
6,40 m
Step ladder
all 4 models can be used as offset ladders on steps/stairs and on gradients

Accessories for WAKÜ telescopic ladder

Choose from a wide range of accessories for your telescopic ladder: