Little Jumbo safety stepladder

Our claim: to design the most stable, safest and most comfortable step ladder for any application.
The result: Little Jumbo.
Little Jumbo aluminium safety step ladders provide a comfortable climbing angle and extra wide treads. They are light and space-saving when not in use.
Trust in the ultimate in stability and proven WAKÜ manufacturing quality.

Little Jumbo safety step ladders

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/1.gif Extra wide treads, without sharp corners or edges. Maximum load 150 kg.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/2.gif Non-slip aluminium chequer plate design or black synthetic covering.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/3.gif Large corrugated plastic foot pads ensure stability and protect flooring.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/4.gif Optional: set of 4 practical rubber-tyred castoring wheels. The ball-bearingfitted wheels are springmounted so that the
wheels retract under load, ensuring stable standing when the step ladder is in use.

tl_files/wakue/allg/ziffern/5.gif Folding safety guard provides a secure hold – includes plenty of space to hold tools, and also has a bucket hook on each side.

Little Jumbo shows its strengths for you

In the home or office, the workshop or in industry – step ladders have to meet extremely varied requirements.
WAKÜ supplies a wide range of different models. You’re sure to find the right Little Jumbo for your needs.

  Little Jumbo
0,46 m high
Little Jumbo
0,69 m high
Little Jumbo
0,92 m high
Little Jumbo
1,15 m high
for room heights up to 2,45 m 2,70 m 2,95 m 3,20 m
with plastic covering Art.-Nr. 210C Art.-Nr. 310    
aluminium chequer plate Art.-Nr. 220C Art.-Nr. 320    
with plastic covering
and safety guard (sg)
Art.-Nr. 210B Art.-Nr. 310B  Art.-Nr. 410B Art.-Nr. 510B
aluminium chequer
plate design with
safety guard
Art.-Nr. 220B Art.-Nr. 320B Art.-Nr. 420B Art.-Nr. 520B
folded size (L/W/H)
with sg:
without sg:

54,5x48,5x8 cm
81x53,5x12 cm

112x55x7 cm
112x55 x12 cm

143x57x12 cm

174x59x12 cm
A set of wheels (Art.-No. 600) is available for Little Jumbo safety step ladders with 3 and more steps