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Accessories for WAKÜ telescopic ladder

Choose from a wide range of accessories for your telescopic ladder:

Hook-on platform (Art. No. 104)

The platform provides a comfortable, safe standing area, or can be used as a shelf for buckets and tools.
It hooks onto any rung, and is easily pushed inside for the user to climb past.


Stringer extension (Art. No. 105)

Continuously height-adjustable, for use of the ladder on a spiral staircase or with a single ladder on uneven ground.


Wall stand-off (Art. No. 106)

Includes a practical tool grid. Telescopic adjustment of wall stand-off distance.
Spring clips for quick fitting. The stand-off makes it easier to work while standing on the upper rungs.


Ground spikes (Art. No. 109)

The screw-fit spikes provide ideal grip for your WAKÜ telescopic ladder on soft ground, including lawns.


Ladder apex (Art. No. 110)

The ladder apex allows you to rest your WAKÜ telescopic ladder directly on a window frame.


Extension (Art. No. 112)

In those situations where you are unable to lean your WAKÜ telescopic ladder against a support, the extension provides valuable added working height.


Telescopic platform (Art. No. 123)

Aluminium platform, continuously extendable to almost double the retracted size. Sturdy, non-slip, lighter than a wooden platform and precisely adjustable to any required length up to the maximum.
2,04 – 3,50 m long, 28 cm wide